Friday 12 June 2009

The race to host the 2016 Olympics – news from the bid cities

A round-up of the latest press releases sent out by the four candidates.


Miguel Ángel Villanueva, councillor for Economy and Employment, says Madrid offers citizens and visitors ‘an infinite’ number of sporting opportunities and venues.

The Spanish Tourism Board has released three new publications targeted at tourists interested in sport.


Chicago hosted an ambassador from Tokyo’s bid.

Chicago 2016 chairman and chief executive Patrick Ryan said ‘it was an honour to welcome’ famed comedian and entertainer Kanpei Hazama.

Ryan added: ‘This meeting signifies the power of the Olympic Movement to bring people together from all corners of the world. We wish him safe travels as his global journey continues.’


Tokyo 2016 has formed a strategic partnership with the University of Tsukuba to ‘work towards improving understanding of the role of sport in society and explore the long-term benefits of hosting [the games]’ in the city.

It’s Tokyo 2016’s sixth academic partnership.


Rio 2016 celebrated World Environment Day with two events:
- the planting of 107 trees in the new Olympic Wood;
- the opening of a new sewage treatment plant.

The bid said the actions ‘reaffirmed the environmental commitment of Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic project.’

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